This blog started out as a 2011 Photo-a-day blog. Now that I’ve completed that project, the blog will remain but the content I post will change slightly. I will no longer post a photo for each day, instead, this blog will consist of life as I live it. Things I see, places I go. I’ve learned a lot from my photo-a-day project and hope to carry that knowledge forward in my new posts.

~Proudly Canadian~

  1. I really like your website. What a great idea to take a photo a day. They look great. I am a photographer too, and just setup a wordpress website just a couple days ago. I am still learning about posting and appreciate looking at how you set your website up. You are a wonderful photographer. You have incredibly sharp images. I love the depth of field work too. I do that too. Thanks, Aimee

  2. Its a great idea to have a picture everyday. This inspired me to do something daily (of course a productive/memorable one).

  3. Beautiful compositions. I’m adding this blog to my Canadian Photographer blog-roll. Well done.

  4. Great blog and i hope that you keep it going!

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