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‘Tis the season!

Happy December 1! The day I officially welcome the Christmas season. It’s been awhile since I’ve made any posts on this blog, so here are a couple to kick off winter!

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Hoar Frost on the trees!

Red shoes

Red Shoes!


104/365 – I’d rather be riding!

That’s right, I would rather be riding today…but instead I shoveled the driveway!! I was hoping we were done with winter, last week motorcycles were out and about, but today we all woke up to a foot of snow!

The wild temperature fluctuations characteristic of Calgary weather are partly attributed to the continental climate. The high altitude plays a role, and some of the remaining credit goes to the turbulent winds in the wake of the Rocky Mountains.

The temperature reaches 20°C or better, about 85 days each year. And 30° only about four times. Chinooks and cold fronts can result in temperature changes of 10° or more in a single hour

It can be bright, sunny and extremely cold and windy all at the same time in winter. Something to experience.

On the plus side:

At over 2400 hours on average of bright sunshine per year, Calgary weather, along with many other south Canadian prairie locations, makes us one of Canada’s sunniest places.

93/365 – Apr.3

After all the snow yesterday, it seems that most of it has already melted away!

I’m not sure how these lasted the winter, obviously they’re not alive, but they’re still standing which is impressive!

The common cattail – all parts of this plant are edible!