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91/365 – Apr.1

I thought I’d try to veganize (is that even a word?) my Mac’n Cheese tonight. It turned out much better than anticipated! Although I must say, as someone who’s used to the kraft dinner style of Mac’n Cheese, this one didn’t have that dried cheese in a package kind of taste 🙂 I had a regular box of Wal-mart brand Mac’n Chesse in the cupboard, so I cooked that up. I replaced the dried cheese with Daiya Cheddar style cheese (non-dairy, non-soy vegan cheese), which really does melt and stretch like real cheese (as the package suggests). I also replaced the regular hot dogs that I would normally cut up and mix in with some Tofurky (Italian style tofu sausage), these were also surprisingly good! I would say the texture is more like that of a hot dog than of a regular meat sausage, but that’s good for me because I don’t normally like sausage. Finally I mixed in some frozen peas, cut up some grape tomatoes on the side, and Ta-Daaa!! Fancy Vegan Mac’n Cheese 🙂

Here are pictures of the packages for the Tofurky and the Daiya Cheese. Both are quite good, I’m thinking that the cheese would be better on a pizza than in my Mac’n Cheese though. All in all, both are good buys!


89/365 – Mar.30

Today has been a good day for photos…and a great day for food!!

In my quest to be vegetarian I’m always looking for new and interesting non-meat types of food. I always thought that I’d have trouble with a full vegan lifestyle so I’ve settled on vegetarian…or have I?? I thought that I wouldn’t be able to give up dairy ice cream and cheese, two foods that I love! I’ve discovered today that the ice cream issue has been settled with a more delicious and sweet chocolaty goodness! Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss!! Wow!! My taste buds have died and gone to heaven! $7.59 = totally worth it!

After eating my super good cold delight, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a walk in the park behind our house to enjoy the warm temperatures of spring (finally!!), of course we took our cameras. I noticed that the a lot of trees all had blue ribbons tied around them, this is what I found upon closer inspection.