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Seed and flowers

Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.

~John Harrigan~

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Odds & Ends from Hawaii

I recently went on a trip to Oahu, Hawaii. It rained almost every day that we were there, but here are a few shots that I took.

Rain drops


This was taken from the top of Koko Head Crater trail


White Anthurium


Palm Tree


Tile art at the airport


Brazilian Cardinal


Makapu’u Lighthouse


Writing that I found at the top of Koko Head Crater Trail.



318/365 – Orchid

We went to the Tweechol Botanical gardens, it was filled different tree sculptures and orchids. I thought this was pretty.

273/365 – Stargazer lily

One of the girls at work received these today!

259/365 – Fall colors

I went to Reader’s Rock garden for the first time today, there’s were some interesting pathways that weaved up to a hilltop cafe. The Garden and Cafe happen to be right beside a very large Cemetery in Calgary, which seems like an odd place for a cafe. I enjoyed it either way. The photo below was taken with a 12-24mm/2.8.

227/365 – Common Tansy

These are everywhere along the river, and if it weren’t for this photo-a-day thing, I would never have taken the time to notice that they have no petals.

179/365 – Lupine

176/365 – Mountain flowers

I’m really not sure what kind of flowers these are, but they’re really pretty!

172/365 – At the park

Pretty Flowers!

Curtis found a patch of white fluffy stuff to ride though…

170/365 – Yellow flowers

I found this near the river, I thought it made an interesting shot with the ants on the flowers.

148/365 – Dandelions

It’s not surprise that after a week of rain the dandelions are in full bloom now! This is the park in front of our house and it’s like a field of  yellow today.

119/365 – Fungus (edit: Rhubarb)

I was discovering in my backyard all the wonderful things that have mysteriously started growing (it snowed today…it snowed yesterday…it’s still cold here!). I found some tulips starting to poke up through the ground, I noticed leaf buds starting to grow on the trees, and THEN!! I found a pretty pink thing! Flowers!!! Hmmmm…I’m actually not sure what this thing is, it looked sort of like a bulb growing, but the pretty pink ruffle thing is hard, so I’m going with fungus, it’s got to be a fungus. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

**Edit: Apparently this is Rhubarb! Which seems to be growing in a very odd location in my backyard! But, YAY! I have a garden!!

78/365 – Mar.19

A housewarming gift from a friend. A vase full of flowers and pussywillows. I happen to love pussywillows, so it’s my picture of the day. They are typically one of the earliest signs of spring and have the symbolism of motherhood, but I prefer the chinese symbolism which is the coming of prosperity. So bring on the prosperity in 2011!

65/365 – Mar.6

I couldn’t pick just one for today’s photo. They remind me that Spring is just around the corner!

14/365 – Jan.14

Synthetic delight

At a balmy -22 degrees Celsius today, I was dreaming of a tropical place with flowers and sunshine! 29 days till we set sail!