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Colorful pattern

If the peacock were to look at its feet, it would stop him strutting.
~Spanish Proverb~

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262/365 – Northern Flicker (Woodpecker)

I’ve never seen one of these birds before, but this was on my back fence. I love its spots.

174/365 – Bird feeder

This was the sight from my kitchen window.

163/365 – Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

A couple shots from the Bird Sanctuary. I’ve been in this city 8 years, and this was the first time I’ve been to the Bird Sanctuary…not sure why I didn’t go sooner, it’s nice and peaceful there. I didn’t see many birds though 😦

This gal was pretty interesting though! There was someone standing right in front on her that startled her. I managed to get this surprised look on her face. She proceeded to eat more dandelions after this instead of running away.

I found a bird…at the bird sanctuary, imagine that! This is a Tree Swallow.

150/365 – Bald Eagle

We went for a stroll in the park today. I didn’t have any time to adjust any camera setting when this guy flew over, I just pointed the camera and hoped for the best 🙂