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Do you edit photos?

Dear World of WordPress,

Do you edit the heck out of your photos? I for one, hardly touch my photos. I might adjust the contrast or vibrancy of a photo but beyond that it’s all foreign ground for me. I met a lady who is a Photographer and I asked if she has a webpage that I could check out, she said yes, gave me the address and then told me that she Photoshops everything. That had me curious, I was wondering why someone would take a perfectly good photograph and make it look like anything but a photograph. As I was looking through her gallery, it occurred to me that the majority of people don’t hang actual photographs on the wall (aside from family photos and such) they hang art on the wall, and what I was looking at on the website was indeed art.

So I decided to try my hand at editing some photos. Keep in mind, this is my first attempt. I use Paint Shop Pro X4 and I haven’t explored all of it’s editing features yet. What are you thoughts on edited photos in general, what are you thoughts of my edited photos? Constructive criticism is always welcome, but don’t be too harsh, I may cry.

Posterized HDR

Selective focus, Black & white HDR

HDR with increased vibrancy

These are just a few that I’ve done, you can check out my Facebook page for more!