335/365 – Store sign

I thought this made a cute eye catching sign. The store front of this store is actually a beauty salon. Oddly, you need to walk through the salon to get to the vintage store at the back.


334/365 – Fruits and Sorbet

I bought a cute little ice cream maker a while back. I’m slowly trying new ice cream/sorbet recipes. I made a delicious mango and banana sorbet. I then decided to take pictures of it πŸ™‚

333/365 – Frosty the ornament

Here’s another ornament on our Christmas tree. It’s cold outside, I’m lacking in creativity πŸ™‚

332/365 – Waxing gibbous

Waxing gibbous is a new term for me. I even had to google the names for the different phases of the moon. Apparently this phase is a waxing gibbous. This was taken about 15 minutes after sunset.

331/365 – Cotton balls

No, they’re not actually cotton balls, but that’s what they remind me of. They’re actually the stems of what was once a flower but now covered with snow.

330/365 – Frozen river

The river is slowly starting to freeze over. It’s a big and fast moving river, so it will never completely freeze over, but soon there will be much more snow and ice than this.

329/365 – Bench sunset

This was at sunset, I loved the way the sun sparkled on the snow.

328/365 – Sushi roll

Ok…so technically this isn’t a sushi roll since it’s all veggies, but it came from my favorite sushi place in Calgary, Kinjo!!

327/365 – Magic color

I was testing out a new photo app that I have on my phone, it doesn’t always work right, but I like how this one came out.

326/365 – Christmas lights

Our Christmas tree is a little sparse this year, but I wanted to take a picture anyway. I thought I’d try playing around with some dark shots of the lights.

325/365 – Honda

Today is just one of those days that I’d rather be riding. Unfortunately my Honda is parked in the garage, possibly freezing because I failed to put a blanket on her. She’s a tough beast though, patiently waiting for the snow to melt and the temperature to rise, so we can ride again!

This probably could have been a better picture if I had taken a picture of the bike and not the key. Next time….

324/365 – Christmas raccoon

This was my very first Christmas ornament, a raccoon with bells. I’ve had it for over 20 years! I think it’s the longest I’ve ever kept anything πŸ™‚

323/365 – Cupcakes!


I was more pleased with the cupcakes than I was with this shot. It will have to do for now πŸ™‚


322/365 – Chickadee

I’ve really gotten behind with my photo’s of the day! I’ve been a little busy, but I’ll try to get caught up this weekend! In the meantime, here’s a chickadee. Obviously edited πŸ™‚

321/365 – Elephant silhouettes

Today’s picture was suppose to be something from the airport, since I spent the entire 24 hours of the day traveling back to Canada from Thailand. However, I didn’t take any airport pictures at all. So to make up for it, I’ve created a picture using some elephants that I bought in Thailand.

320/365 – Gold statue

This was taken at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. I’m not sure what the statue represents but I liked it.

319/365 – Sculpture

This was a picture I took at Wat Pho in Bangkok. I’m not sure what the statue is called.

318/365 – Orchid

We went to the Tweechol Botanical gardens, it was filled different tree sculptures and orchids. I thought this was pretty.

317/365 – Eye of an elephant

We went to the Chiang Mai zoo. I feel sorrow for this elephant. He looked well cared for, but watching him rock back and forth while he waiting for the next tourist to pay 20 Baht for a bowl of bananas and bamboo to feed to him was saddening. He did not seem like a happy elephant.

316/365 – Mexican Sunflowers

These Bua thongs (mexican sunflowers) are blooming near Mae Hong Son right now. Apparently they only bloom from November till mid-December, so we were in the area at the perfect time. These aren’t as big as the sunflowers we see in Canada, but there are thousands of them over 6 feet tall, it makes the hills sparkle in yellow.

315/365 – Push tractor

This shot was taken in a rice field (i think?) along the Mae Hong Son loop in Thailand. Google has told me that this is a push tractor.

314/365 – Loy Krathong

Caught this photo in Mae Hong Son during their Loy Krathong festival.

313/365 – Relaxing dogs

We went to another temple this morning, this time a different style than what we’ve seen before. Wat Suan Dok was one of our destinations today. I liked the dogs that were just laying around everywhere, this pictures shows two of them.

312/365 – Lanterns

It’s Loy Krathong, here in Chiang Mai, the festival of lights. This was part of a parade for the festival.

311/365 – Temple decoration

I really do wish I knew the proper name for this photo. It was in Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, just NW of Chiang Mai’s old city.

310/365 – Flower offerings

In Thailand, people often go to temples offering food, candles incense sticks and lotus flowers to the Buddha statues.

309/365 – Fresh coconut

This was mostly a travel day for us, so I only snapped a few photos at breakfast. This will have to do.

308/365 – Temple

This is Wat Kaeo Porawaram, it’s a temple in the middle of Krabi. We rented a scooter and rode from our hotel in Ao Nang to Krabi. Once we got to Krabi, it started to rain, but we decided to walk around anyway; this temple is something that we randomly found.

307/365 – Monkey

We went to the Tiger Cave Temple today, the temple has both a cave section and a hilltop section. We climbed the 1237 steps (500m high) to the top, there were monkey’s on the way to the top.

306/365 – Eyes

Of all the things I could have taken a picture of, this is what I’ve come up with for a photo of the day. I happen to like cats πŸ™‚

305/365 – Phi Phi Island View point

We decided to take a little hike up to the viewpoint.

304/365 – Rusty boats

These were at the pier where we caught the ferry to Phi Phi Island.

(I have no video editing software on my little notebook computer, all my Thailand pictures will be straight out of the camera pictures.)


303/365 – Patong Beach

Β The title is deceiving, this isn’t a beach picture. This is not what I expected from this town lol We’ll be leaving for Koh Phi Phi tomorrow πŸ™‚

302/365 – Bangkok canal

After arriving in Bangkok, we decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood surrounding our hotel.Β  This was taken on top of a bridge that went over a canal. The canal, as you can, is over flowing and starting to find its way into people’s homes.

301/365 – Japanese restaurant

It turns out that when you fly from Alberta to Thailand, you actually lose a day, so here’s another airport photo. This was taken at our stop at the Toyko Airport.

300/365 – Airplane!

As I said in my last post, the next photo was going to be in an airport!

299/365 – Blinds

Today I’m busy packing for another trip. This time to Thailand! Apologies for lacking in creativity today…and the past few days πŸ™‚ Tomorrow’s picture will without doubt be of an airport, but after that there will either be Bangkok flood pictures or Southern Thailand beach pictures, either way…YAY!

298/365 – Last leaves of fall

Today I noticed that all the neighborhood trees have lost their leaves, I thought that since the one in our backyard is still hanging on it it’s leaves, I better take a picture before they’re all on the ground!

297/365 – Pepper

Pepper has returned for a visit to our house, he’s watching one of my cats while thinking that he’s out of sight around a corner πŸ™‚

296/365 – Glasses hinge

This was taken with a 52mm/52mm macro reversing ring. This was the first time that I used the reversing ring, and it will probably be the last. I do like how it makes a circle type photo, but it could use a bit more clarity.

295/365 – Dancing water

Moving water is very interesting when you slow it down.

294/365 – Fountain

This is a fountain downtown.

293/365 – Colorful water drops

The grass almost hid this from sight as I walked past it. For some reason, this light in the ground, was on in the middle of the day. I liked it.

292/365 – Flame & Flag

This is in Central Park, Calgary

I thought it was interesting that there is no wind, yet the flame shoots outside of its case as if there is.

291/365- Horse Statue

This statue is in a park on the corner of 12th Ave and 4th St. SW, Calgary.