Do you edit photos?

Dear World of WordPress,

Do you edit the heck out of your photos? I for one, hardly touch my photos. I might adjust the contrast or vibrancy of a photo but beyond that it’s all foreign ground for me. I met a lady who is a Photographer and I asked if she has a webpage that I could check out, she said yes, gave me the address and then told me that she Photoshops everything. That had me curious, I was wondering why someone would take a perfectly good photograph and make it look like anything but a photograph. As I was looking through her gallery, it occurred to me that the majority of people don’t hang actual photographs on the wall (aside from family photos and such) they hang art on the wall, and what I was looking at on the website was indeed art.

So I decided to try my hand at editing some photos. Keep in mind, this is my first attempt. I use Paint Shop Pro X4 and I haven’t explored all of it’s editing features yet. What are you thoughts on edited photos in general, what are you thoughts of my edited photos? Constructive criticism is always welcome, but don’t be too harsh, I may cry.

Posterized HDR

Selective focus, Black & white HDR

HDR with increased vibrancy

These are just a few that I’ve done, you can check out my Facebook page for more!


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  1. When I first becamei interested in photography, I thought that learning photo shop was practically going to be mandatory. I learned that I have no patience for photo shop, but I do consider it to be an art form almost unto itself. I have learned that I prefer NOT to over manipulate my own images, but I do love the creativity of photo shop when others use it! And I think your first shot is pretty darn good 🙂

  2. This has always been a subject of much debate. I feel that at the end, so long as you like the image, than that’s all that matters. The real question is finding out what you truly like, not just telling yourself you like something for the sake of everyone else. On the subject of Photoshop and image manipulation, they are just tools, nothing more, intent is far more important. Some images need that tool use in order to achieve the intent of the image, some don’t.

    Personally I prefer a natural look with subtle detail, but sometimes that natural look needs Photoshop, sometimes it doesn’t.

  3. There are several lines of thinking on this issue. What some of today’s photographers forget that before digital there was the dark room. Ansel Adams was concerned with the craft/art of the print. Remember the terms and effects in any imaging software goes back to the original darkroom. The difference is that we can create digital art based on the original images captured with the camera.
    One of the things that I pointed out to my media literacy students was that photography is both a unique medium and media content. We can take the image and use it in content in another medium, be it a magazine, a multimedia collage, or a blog post.
    The real issue is purpose and target audience, as Ross Millar points out.. Do you wish to use the imaging software as a darkroom to create what are more natural constructed reality, or do you wish to explore a vision that has a different set of limits ? There is no right or wrong. It is all art & creative expression. 🙂
    Excellent sequence of compositions. All are particularly eye-catching and distinct in their styles.

  4. Since I do a lot of documentary I don’t edit much. And personally I prefer photos that is not changed to something else. For me there is actually too much HDR beeing used, but that is my personal view. I guess a lot of people see it different.

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