365/365 – 2011

So this is it…the last photo for my 365 Photo blog!! Originally I had set out to climb a mountain and get a spectacular photo from the top to end my photo blog, but that didn’t happen, the snow and lack of trail got us a little off track. Now you get to enjoy a Disney snow globe!

So now what?

I will continue posting in 2012, the title of my blog will change to something other than “2011 photo -a-day”. I will NOT be posting a picture for everyday, this experience has taught me that I do not enjoy taking photos every single day. In the last few months this photo blog has become more of an obligation than a simple pleasure.

What to expect if it’s not a photo-a-day?

I will go back to my old photo shooting style. This means that as I do things in life, I will take my camera along for the ride and snap a hundred photos (or more)…at the park, at the zoo, on a mountain, on a motorcycle trip or doing any of the other activities that I enjoy doing. Then I will post up the best photos I took that day (or weekend), it could be a couple photos, it could be ten or twenty. But there will be a consistent theme to every set of photos that I post up. I’ve found that I take much better photos when I’m out doing things I love rather than when I’m out taking photos just to take a photo.

Happy 2012 everyone!!



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