101/365 – Tomato Stem Macro

Instead of putting tomato sauce on my pizza, these days I tend to leave it off and just put tomatoes on top, it makes less of a mess that way and the crust doesn’t get soggy and fall apart.

“Most people realize that tomatoes are healthy for you and that they have a number of important substances in them that helps us stay away from cardiovascular disease, cancers, cataracts and other health concerns. We are finding that tomatoes contain so many vital nutrients and we are coming to realize how important it is to have tomatoes as part of a health diet.” Click for full article.

Although I believe tomatoes to be healthy, I question the logics of picking the tomatoes while still green, and some time between having the tomatoes shipped to your grocer and you buying them, they’re sprayed with Ethylene gas to ripen. I question the logics of a lot of things we do when it comes to food production and consumption. Particularly the genetically modified foods, this tomato is most likely genetically modified. But I really don’t know because the Canadian government (and the US government) don’t feel that consumers need to know what foods are genetically modified, so it’s not required on the labels. I think it should be on the labels!


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